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  5. sterlinghundley:

    Registration for my Legendeer summer workshop in Richmond, Virginia opens on Monday, April 21st. Art, Adventure, Community, Ideation, Intellectual Property and Personal Voice development.

    Session 1. 7.7- 7.13.
    Session 2. 7.12- 7.19.
    Details to come. 

    *Housing available through Virginia Commonwealth University.


  6. sterlinghundley:

    How to Start a Career in Illustration- new blog post here: http://blog.sterlinghundley.com/

    In response to questions related to building a career in illustration, I put down some rambling thoughts. Not very eloquent, but to the point:

    Excerpt: ” Invest in your career and build your audience. You should seek commissioned work that comes from the top down, as well as creating products that are available to your developing group of supporters from the bottom up. Pursue multiple streams of revenue, and put yourself into situations where you are surrounded by supportive, like-minded individuals.”

  7. jtotheizzoe:

    Uploading the new It’s Okay To Be Smart as we speak, and … it’s a dirty one. 

    GIF by headlikeanorange:

    Sahara (Africa - BBC)

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