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    mostly nature

    So beautiful. And my kind of weather :D

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    How come a girl can wear guys clothes and look cute or wear a suit and look hot, but when a guy wears a dress or a skirt it’s weird?

    because our society thinks it’s degrading to be feminine


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    Science is “a practice, an artform still budding in its years.” 

    Another great response to my “All Call Challenge” in partnership with Call Me Ishmael, where book-lovers everywhere are calling in to share stories of a book that changed their view of the natural world. This one features Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything, which I must agree is at or near the top of my you-must-definitely-read-this list for any curious reader or fan of science. It’s a classic, weaving science and storytelling, that will make you ask just as many questions as it answers.

    You have no idea how happy it makes me to see these responses coming in (check out some others here and here), these inspiring and profound stories being shared with the world by curious people, all because of a little chat I had with a typewriter named Ishmael. 

    Stay curious!

    This is a great book :D

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    Nikki Sixx


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    Experiment: how many Tumblrites out there view socialism and/or communism as better ideas than capitalism/democratic republic? Reblog and tell me your age

    age is a bourgeois construct

    I’m annoyed that capitalism and…

    Yes, I’m aware of all this. After 9 years of university and 15 more years living and paying exorbitant taxes I’m aware of a lot. Unfortunately not much of it was learned at said University.
    Every time someone writes more than one paragraph I feel like I’m back at college, listening to some dry lecture. Or looking at a copy and paste from Wikipedia.

    I do not need lectures- I have had enough lectures by 19 year olds still living off their parents, who think they know how the world works because they read it in a book.

    I am curious as to how the younger generations feel about this topic- what they’ve been taught.
    That is why I asked for ages. And opinions. But I got mostly hate notes and nonsense.
    Some of these people don’t know one term from the other…….

    It was a mistake as I know realize Tumblr is the land of the infantile….except for a rare few well done blogs I have found, it exists for entertainment and nonsense.

    You asked for opinions. I gave you my opinion. My opinion is that I can’t choose one of your options because you made a poor comparison. It’s not my fault you don’t know the difference between a “lecture” and a correction. If anyone’s being infantile here, it’s you.

    It was a lecture. A correction only requires a few sentences.
    A word to the wise: beware, on Tumblr, the urge to write long descriptions and explanations. Not many here can be bothered to read them. They’ll skim it, at best.
    Now I understand why professional colleagues of mine tried Tumblr and said forget it. Too many kids

    I’m an adult. A young adult (mid-20s), but still an adult. I have years of direct experience in political activism and organizing. I have run and participated in several campaigns, mostly offline in my community, but online on a few occasions as well. I have run an activist organization (for about a year) and am currently in the process of co-founding/running another one. So stop implying that I’m juvenile or a child. When it comes to this topic I know what I am talking about.

    You can call it a lecture if you want to call it a lecture, but it wasn’t meant as a lecture. And this is the last time I’m replying, because if you ~can’t be bothered~ to read a few paragraphs of text (especially on a complex subject like politics/economy), I can’t be bothered to waste my time talking to you. 

    P.S. - My first reply to your post was only a few sentences, if you’ll recall. You completely misinterpreted what I said, so clearly, a few sentences was not enough.

    Ok, let’s start over. I’m not here to fight with people….there’s enough crap in this world without adding to it.

    I am almost twice your age, so it is hard for me to relate sometimes, and my language is often different from someone in your age range.

    That is one reason I am here- to understand people in their 20s.

    You were annoyed by my post and I admit I could’ve been a little more clear in the terminology.

    I was annoyed by your response, not because I think you’re wrong, but because you wouldn’t believe some of the idiot responses I’ve gotten and my patience was thin.
    So I apologize for sounding like I thought you were 13.

    I should’ve lit into that fool who’d never heard of a democratic republic and ROFL, instead of you.

    This is what I’m curious about: how many people in their teens and 20s have liberal and/or democratic views and how they got them.
    Was it from a beloved school teacher? Was it from a bad experience in the work force? Did their parents influence them? Is it because their friends are that way?

    But all I get is responses from people that are like “what??”
    Or they’re so inane I can only assume the person is 14.

    I do not agree with socialism because it goes against human nature, not because I’m greedy, or hateful, or mean.
    I am self employed and work like a dog because I couldn’t make enough to live working for someone else. But I hate the thoughts of govt help- I want to be beholden to NO ONE.
    I still have student loans and business debt. It is a very small business. I do not take vacations, or even buy gifts on holidays. But I like the independence and answering to or relying on NO ONE. :D

    So I’d love to hear your story. I saw your page- you’re Canadian and what we in the States would call a far Leftist. How did you develop these views?

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    Shots from the Huntington Beach Summer Classic.

    Photo credit Bret St.Clair

    Really nice shots

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  8. Everyone should do a little of this. The world would be a better place

  9. :)